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We’ve written articles covering common gaming mistakes and concerns – mostly to avoid rehashing TeamSpeak and Discord discussions ad nauseum.  Looking to improve your aim?  Think a new mouse will help? Wondering how Omni trains?  Buckle up, buttercup.

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The Omniscient are a group of competitively-oriented friends who’ve taken top honours across ladders and leagues in various games – among them, Unreal 2 XMP, Lineage 2, Fallen Empire: Legions, T:WFC, Battlefield 3, Hawken, and Battlefield 1.

Pride and Prejudice

Streams and Hackusations

If you’re coming to this site fresh from facing our members, you’re either impressed or upset. If you’re upset, we’ve bruised your ego. That sucks. But acknowledging shortcomings is the first step toward improvement. Resist temptation and avoid self-delusion.

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