Welcome to Omniscient Gaming Welcome to Omniscient Gaming Module
Logo Welcome, and thanks for visiting our site - one which was made possible through the efforts of Desk, Filt3r, and Ala. Also through my efforts, because I'm awesome.

The Omniscient are a group of competitively-oriented friends who've taken top honours across ladders and leagues in various games – among them, Unreal 2 XMP, Lineage 2, Fallen Empire: Legions, T:WFC, Battlefield 3, and Hawken. Although we prefer FPS-based games with high skill ceilings, we've also seen success in the occasional MMORPG. Individually, our members have seen top-ranked placements in games such as Heavy Gear 2, Unreal Tournament 2003, Tribes 2, and Planetside.

We're currently competing in Season 3 of Hawken's TPG League while preparing for competition in Toxikk, Unreal Tournament 4, and Star Citizen. We encourage members and friends – both past and present – to register on our forums and say hello.

Hawken: TPG Season 2 Champions Hawken: TPG Season 2 Champions Module
Logo Congratulations to Omniscient's Majestic Moose of Canadia for winning Season 2 of Hawken's TPG League!

Omniscient would also like to congratulate each Hawken team that helped make the second TPG season a success. We hope we'll see your teams return in the third, alongside some new entries.

Unreal Tournament Practice Times! Unreal Tournament Practice Times! Module

Omniscient has started training for the new Unreal Tournament. Members and friends are encouraged to join our shenanigans. Practice nights are as follows:

Monday Nights - 9:00 PM EST

Wednesday Nights - 9:00 PM EST

Friday Nights - 9:00 PM EST